30-day challenges are the worst to cultivate a writing habit

Mich Chow
2 min readNov 20, 2022

For me, at least.

I’ve tried (and fantastically failed at) multiple 30-day writing challenges. Okay, maybe two.

Each time I’d get so excited to start, announcing it on Instagram and all.

But, I barely get past the second day.

I remember someone somewhere once said: Once is a mistake, twice is a choice.

And I reaaaally do not wish to train my subconscious into being the one who chooses to give up (long story for another day).

So, here I am, giving myself one more go at this “create a writing habit” thing. A project I’m working on for myself, more than for anything else.

Hence, these are a few rules I set for myself. I hope I keep to them:

1. There is no word count requirement. I repeat, there is no minimum word count I need to hit! I could write a haiku for all I care, I just have to write.

2. All content has to be produced on my phone. That includes writing, editing, researching and the lot. That’s why I’ll posting on Medium instead of my Wordpress site — it won’t be as much of a pain in the bumbum.

3. If I’m feeling tired/depressed/uncreative, write anyway.

And then (wise words of advice from Christin Chong) HIT PUBLISH.

So here’s the plan:

Every night before bed, I’ll have a prompt ready. Let it steep and brew overnight in the mind. Who knows what my weird brain will come up with in the form of neural sparks and dreams.

In the morning, I’ll use the bus ride to work writing out the draft. Single-handedly of course, making sure I don’t spill my coffee in the other hand lolol.

Throughout the day, I’ll use any available pockets of time to edit and improve on the draft.

Then I’ll use the bus ride home to publish.

I guess the goal here is to just write something everyday. Pretty sure I’ll figure out publications and everything else along the way.

But yeah, for now my objective is to write. And publish.

Let’s see where this adventure takes us.



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