How to keep writing when every word seems shittier than the last

And still hit “Publish” like it’s the best damn masterpiece

Mich Chow


Yup, raise those fists like the champion you are. Photo by Japheth Mast on Unsplash

Let’s face it, writing is hard.

Scratch that, it’s more than just hard.

Writing wrings out your brain juices and takes every bit of your soul.

After a decade of on and off writing, I’ve come to a few conclusions.

The “audience” of one

In school, we wrote a lot. We wrote essays, answered long application questions, wrote more essays..

The opportunities for practising the craft were endless.

But we never did cherish the chance, did we?

It’s because we weren’t writing for ourselves, we were writing for an audience of one.

Our teacher.

More specifically, the teacher who was going to grade our homework. We only wrote for that one person.

Ughhhh, yeah girl, I feel the same. Photo by Valerie Lendel on Unsplash

Who could blame us if we half-assed our way through those essays? No one’s gonna read it anyway. Especially, not after the teacher slaps a grade onto the paper.

After graduation, we rarely have time nor the chances to write. Writing mostly came in the form of boring emails or internal memos. Unless, of course, you got a writing job.

Every word is progress

When I found my way back to writing, it was extremely difficult to keep writing forward.

Each word felt like moving a thousand pounds. Each phrase a chore to create. Each paragraph a bore to edit.

It’s a literal uphill battle.

And after huffing and puffing up the stupidly steep hill, you reach the top and look back. Alas, all you see is a string of incoherent thoughts masquerading as “a thoughtful piece of writing”. Pooh!

You know you can do better, but you just aren’t there yet.

There are more hills to climb.



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