I’ll need to unlock these 3 keys if I want to build something out of my life.

Mich Chow
2 min readSep 27, 2023
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I’ve come to a point where I’m utterly disgusted of how stagnant my life has become. And I’ve identified three key bottlenecks that I have to work on.

Obstacles are just challenges for us to figure out and overcome.

1. Dwelling too long on the past

The other day I was talking to a friend about a remark she made, and what she replied kinda shocked me to my senses.

She said something along the lines of:
“It’s been twenty minutes! Why on earth are you still thinking about it?!”

And suddenly I felt like my whole life thus far flashed before me.

She’d moved on from the topic after less than twenty minutes. Yet, here I am dwelling on things more than a decade ago! No wonder I feel like I’m in rut all the time.

It’s time to move on.

2. Overcome inertia. Create momentum.

I’m a chronic procrastinator.

However, whenever I do put in the effort to focus on doing something, say for ten minutes, I find myself getting into the flow state rather easily. And once this happens, deep work comes naturally.

The challenge here for me will be to overcome inertia faster.

3. I don’t need permission.

All my life I’ve been seeking external validation and motivation. I always kinda needed someone’s affirmation or permission before I’d do something.

I’ve come to realise that really the only permission I need is my own. And it’s my responsibility to use my God-given gifts to contribute to the world.

Well, October’s coming soon. I pray with the above thoughts in mind, I will finally, finally, move on with my life and start living my dreams.




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